Luxury Spa

For centuries people have relished in the restorative qualities of the spa, from naturally occurring hot springs to Roman Baths and Turkish Hammam. However, spiritual and physical wellbeing also takes its place in modern life. From an energising Mandi Rempah massage on the edge of Bali’s Ayung River Gorge, to Yoga in the Himalayas or an anti-aging facial on the banks of Lake Geneva, spa retreats the world-over can provide a touch of earthly paradise.

Your quest for health and wellness can be tailored to your specific needs, incorporating all of the elements that will help you get the most out of your holiday and return home feeling thoroughly relaxed, rejuvenated and reconnected. From individual boutique spas featuring local therapies utilising home grown botanical extracts, spices and blends, to chic locations delivering products and treatments from illustrious names including Clarins, La Prairie and Elemis, we can help you to find the perfect spa package, be it the reason for your holiday or just an additional indulgent extra. For your added convenience, allow us to recommend and pre-book individual spa treatments or packages for you prior to your trip.