Often referred to as ‘the spice island’, Grenada is as enigmatic, heady and sensuous as the nutmeg, cinnamon and other delightful ingredients that stem from its unique fertile terrain.

A stunning romantic island, succumb to the individual charm of this destination, from its distinctive culinary influences to its rainforests, waterfalls and idyllic harbour. Located in the south of the Caribbean at the foot of the Windward Islands, Grenada is attractive, green and lush with wonderful walking routes through the tropical rainforest at Grand Etang. Swim in the mesmerising Seven Sisters and Concord waterfalls inland, or make the most of the immaculate beaches. Ideally situated for sailing, why not charter a yacht or catamaran and spend some time meandering through The Grenadines, or take a day trip to sister islands Petit Martinique and Carriacou. The people here are warm, friendly and welcoming and always willing to share their culinary secrets. Be amazed by the delectable ‘Oil Down’, a m