Botswana game reserves are amongst the most breathtaking in Africa. Camp under the stars, take a journey up river by boat and marvel at the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

The Chobe National Park spans thousands of kilometres and is home to a splendid variety of wildlife, including elephants who move in their thousands along the well-worn paths of the Chobe River every afternoon. Chobe boasts the highest elephant population in the world and is also home to herds of other wildlife, making it a great place to get up close to these amazing native creatures. The Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world, defying basic geographic principles by flowing inland without reaching the sea and is home to some of the most spectacular game and birdlife in Africa. Be truly adventurous and safari through the Okavango Delta, either by foot, horseback, mokoro boat or even by elephant. Botswana can easily be combined with holidays in other parts of Africa or the glorious island of Mauritius.