The sheer diversity of France makes it a country that would be hard to exhaust in a lifetime, wielding new experiences with every visit.

The landscapes range from the striking coasts of Brittany and the limestone hills of Provence to the imposing Pyrenees and the crescent bays of Corsica, to the dense green valleys of the Dordogne and the rolling landscape of the Loire Valley, as well as the ice-capped summits of the Alps. Enjoy city breaks in chic Paris, gastronomic weekends at a beautifully restored château and summer holidays relaxing on the Cote d’Azur. Whether you are a couple wanting a romantic break, a group of friends staying in a catered winter chalet or a family hiring a luxury villa in Saint-Tropez, France has an abundance of options for the perfect holiday. Visit the playground of the rich and famous, wandering the picturesque streets of Monaco, littered with cafes, restaurants and designer boutiques, sneaking a peak at the sleek yachts moored in the port and staying in any of the glamourous and austere Monaco hotels.