Cyprus offers much more than sandy beaches and luxury resorts, as visitors will also discover an abundance of warm hospitality and a rich culture.

Over 10,000 years of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Ottoman and British influences make Cyprus a wonderful melting pot of cultural treasures. Discover the ancient town of Paphos, designated as a world heritage site with its lovely harbour, ancient fort and highlights including the underground Tomb of the Kings. Venture into the Troodos Mountains and revel in panoramic views, charming villages, vineyards and quaint churches. The divided capital city of Lefkosia is a wonderful fusion of old and new, from the Venetian walled old town with narrow streets dotted with cafes, tavernas and museums, to the modern shops of the new town. Limassol, the second largest city, offers a number of luxury hotels and is famous for its carnival and wine festivals. Featuring a varied geology that spans vineyards, orchards, forests, mountains, beaches and clear blue waters, Cyprus has plenty to do recreationally, with everything from mountain biking, hiking, watersports, golf and tennis to relaxing on the beach, wine tasting and enjoying spa treatments at one of the numerous resorts.