Brimming with contrast, colour and mystery, Morocco is an eclectic haven for culture seekers.

It has a timelessness that is rare in the modern world and enchants travellers with a sense that its glorious past lives on today. Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech arouse a hint of spice and exotic warmth. Visit the colourful markets of Marrakech, indulge in some desert driving over the powdery dunes of the Sahara Desert or take a journey of discovery to the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and its tiny Berber Villages. The Holy City of Fez is a must, with its 10th century Medina and breathtaking palaces, whilst for those wanting sun-kissed sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Oualidia or the stunning town of Essaurira are true Moroccan gems. An abundance of luxurious Riads, boutique hotels and spa resorts means that Morocco has some of the finest accommodation in North Africa and should be high on your list of places to visit.