Belgium is a country of two distinct halves. Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north has a flat, open landscape and is interspersed with fabulous historic cities.

Situated close together, these cities are conveniently interconnected by an efficient train system, making getting around seamless for sightseers. In French-speaking Wallonia to the south, the rural landscape is home to caves, castles, sweeping valleys and ample outdoor activities. Stay in village inns, journey from one countryside attraction to another and head out and explore the region to its fullest, whether by car or even by mountain bike. In the heart of the country you will find Brussels, where wandering the streets, taking in the views from the hilltops, looking in shops, and absorbing the café culture makes for a wonderful weekend getaway. Belgium is a country where people live well and where imaginative museums, a vibrant theatrical and artistic life abound, not to mention home to delicious food and beer.