Croatia & Montenegro

The aura of medieval Croatia and Montenegro endures in the cobbled streets of their picturesque towns and cities, where you will find the architecture of a bygone age and the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Croatia has found favour with the travelling elite once again and is reaffirming its place as a European hotspot. The extensively restored city of Dubrovnik is a warren of pedestrianised passageways leading through a jigsaw of piazzas, palaces, cafes, monasteries, fountains and quaint shops, all encased within ancient city walls along the beautiful Dalmatian coastline. A metropolis in miniature, the Old Town of Dubrovnik is a treasure chest of European history, culture and chic city living that even the most exacting visitor will delight in discovering. Meanwhile lesser-known island destinations such as Hvar are becoming increasingly popular due to their intimate ports and stylish vibe. Montenegro offers a similar medieval charm to its bordering neighbour Croatia, with exclusive resorts designed to indulge their guests. Picturesque coastlines and mountainous regions are home to preserved ancient towns and villages, making the country a must visit for any culture enthusiast.