Song Saa Private Island

The untouched archipelago of Koh Rong is home to two beautiful islands. Lying side by side, the islands are known locally as Song Saa, translated to mean ‘the sweethearts’.

Spanning the islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, which are connected by a footbridge, this private island resort is everything you could desire; intimate, romantic and memorable. Stay in luxurious Over-Water, Jungle and Ocean-View Villas that draw inspiration from the natural elements and create a harmonious synergy between the sea, the rainforests and the local culture. From the pitched roofs and open-plan living, to the private decks and pools, the villas all offer a sense of exclusivity and retreat. At the heart of the resort is the restaurant and lounge, surrounded by water and showcasing fresh, sustainable and locally produced food. Here guests can enjoy the combination of timeless traditions and the best of modern Western cookery.

A spa menu is also available for those focused on health and wellness, a pivotal part of the Song Saa Sanctuaries’ philosophy. The entire island experience is designed to feel like a spa retreat where guests can fuse both rejuvenating treatments with physical activities such as paddle boarding, hikes in the rainforest, daily yoga sessions and exploring the marine life. Aside from a few optional extras, the resort’s simple ‘Always-Included’ policy ensures guests have a carefree holiday from the moment they arrive and can focus on embracing the experience.