Britain’s oldest colony, Bermuda, is a quaint and attractive island with pastel hued buildings and a quieter, more traditional, vibe.

Benefitting from a year round semi-tropical climate, it is situated 600 miles from the east coast of America in the Atlantic Ocean and 800 miles north of the Caribbean Sea. St George, the original capital of Bermuda, is a declared World Heritage site and it is clear to see why. Beautifully preserved colonial architecture, charming cottages and manicured gardens lend a sophisticated feel and make for picture-perfect settings. Bermuda has distinctive pink sand beaches and the surrounding sea is perfect for diving trips, game fishing and boat charters. Explore the deserted railway track by bicycle, swim with dolphins, visit the superb aquarium or play on one of eight championship golf courses. The locals here are friendly and hospitable, happy to educate you about their culture and keen for you to experience their cuisine, from delicious fish chowder and salt cod to the legendary Dark and Stormy rum cocktail at sundown.