Enchanting East India

In the East you will discover wonderful colonial architecture and a vibrant atmosphere that will make your journey a unique cultural experience unmatched elsewhere in India. Between the southern Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal, expect to see stunning scenery, temples, tribal villages and meandering river ways.

Colonial cities like Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, feature strong cultural heritage with museums, galleries and breathtaking architecture, while to the south, the tribal and village culture of Orissa boasts pilgrimage centres at Puri and Konark, including the striking Sun Temple. Venture to the north of the region and you will find tea plantations and spectacular scenery. The mountain state of Sikkim is scattered with Buddhist monasteries located along Himalayan trade routes while at Assam you can cruise along India’s longest river, the Brahmaputra. Sight one-horned rhinos at Kaziranga while on an elephant safari or feel the raindrops in Cherrapunji, the only place in the world where downpours can be expected year round. For those seeking to witness nature’s real beauty then a visit to North East India is a must. Here, neighbouring regions hold many surprises and a charm that will sweep you off your feet.