Majestic Himalayas & Spiritual Ganges

In the foothills of the towering, snow-capped Himalayas lies a hidden side of India, where small traditional villages, deep wooded valleys and high, wide ridges afford spectacular views of Nanda Devi and other majestic mountain peaks.

The Himalayas are among the most beautiful landscapes in the world, where magnificent mountain peaks soar up into the sky and at ground level, winding trails lead to places and peoples of a bygone era. Take respite from the buzz of the city and the heat of the sandy plains, retreating to a part of India where you can relax and experience Indian culture at a gentler pace. It takes as little as half a day to leave behind the bustle of Delhi and find yourself ensconced in the foothills of the Himalayas. Venture off the beaten track, taking in the fresh, pine-scented air while walking and trekking for miles deep into stunning scenery, absorb the ethereal atmosphere along the banks of the holy Ganges, go in pursuit of tigers in the jungles of Corbett or enter a world of pampering in one of the foothills’ world-class spa retreats.