Stunning South India & Kerala

Famously known for its Spice Coast with ancient sights and fine food aplenty, this part of India is renowned for its cultural and natural beauty, where the people, architecture, and atmosphere combine to make the perfect place to relax both body and mind.

Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Kerala’s tropical climate and fertile soil combines to ensure everything grows. Along the coast, sandy shores attract sunbathers while far inland the mountains are covered in vast plantations of spices and tea, as well as exotic wildlife. Though stunning cliffs can be found to the North, the real emerald jewels in South India’s crown are the picturesque backwaters. Easy-going and meandering, this network of rivers, canals and lagoons nourish a seemingly infinite number of rice paddies and coconut groves, while characterful houseboats cruise the water highways from one village to another. Aside from the sleepy backwaters, the South boasts Tamil Nadu, home to Hindu art and architecture, the city of Mysore and the jungle of the Western Ghats, which is ideal for viewing wildlife. Begin your visit to South India with the modern city of Bangalore in Karnataka, which makes an ideal starting point for your journey.