Wonderful West & Central India

Contrasting and captivating, West and Central India is a wonderfully diverse land of rolling mountains, sweeping sandy beaches, dense jungles and cosmopolitan cities. Such abundant natural beauty makes this part of India ideal for game drives that provide memorable wilderness experiences.

Travellers are often drawn to the charms of the laid-back beaches of Goa but with Mumbai and Bollywood on the coast and wildlife-rich national parks inland, the centre of India is one of the country’s most enticing regions. Mumbai is a wonderful city for you to begin or end your journey, as well as making an excellent stopover when en route to other parts of the world. Across West and Central India you will discover a rich collection of ancient ruins and important historical sites, as well as Buddhist and Hindu cave paintings, beautiful forts and magnificent temples and monuments. Expect to find palaces, tombs and mosques dotted throughout the landscape, indicative of the wonderfully wealthy Nizams and Mughals who ruled for some 200 years. As well as cultural attractions, visitors are treated to breathtaking national parks that are home to rare Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers, leopards, elephants and eagles, while picturesque hills lead to adventurous treks, vibrant villages and much more to see and enjoy.